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I'm relatively certain. I will do my absolute best to remember to stop by in the morning and double check for you. Fairing is already off and I just took this amp out. It will also fit behind an after market media player like a Sony marine Bluetooth in the metal radio mount. I have read that some people have had some issues but I really liked the little amp. It's not pushing its advertised wattage but it's a potent little guy for the size. I was running one set Polk MM6501 2.7ohm component and one set Polk MM651 2.7ohm coax on one of these and it was great at freeway speed up till full blown max it would start to overload a little but then I wear earplugs and rail the stereo wide open all day. I took it out still working well though. Just wanted a bit more. I say you can't beat the price though. Not sure about 4ohm or bridging it. Good luck with your install.
Doohhhh!!! I thought I read st4.1000 Sorry. Need to quit drinking and browsing this forum. Might save me money too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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