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This is not for my RGU but for my other bike. a 1996 FB. I am looking for sources to purchase an EVO engine ,trans and primary for it.
This bike will be with me to the end. I would like to pull the factory engine and trans out and have it gone through. Running fine now but Just being proactive with it.
I would like to purchase a replacement that I can stick in. I have no interest in buying from bubba on ebay. Looking for places that have a place of business that are established . Just the way I am. This is a longer term project so no big hurry.
The replacement does not have to be prefect if it needs work that will get done first. This FB while it has long been a second ride, it is important to us. The side car is a bit hard on it . I want to keep it running for a long time to come and keep the factory engine as is.

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