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I'm hoping someone can help!

I washed my bike the other day with LOW pressure hose on shower setting. I sprayed my front HERTZ speakers and on my MARINE SONY DSX-M50BT radio.

I dried the bike off with air and towels.

When I turned the radio on the USB portion kept sating OVERLOAD until I let it air dry for a while.

Also when I turned on FM some water popped out of the right speaker grill and my left speaker did not work again until I rode it for awhile.

Needless to say I won't be making the mistake of pointing the hose at the radio or speakers anymore.

My question is has this happened to anyone out there? Is there any reason to believe my speakers could have suffered any kind of damamge from that ? I mean they work now. But could I have lost some kind of frequencies or something?

I mean what happens when you get caught in a rain storm?

Thanks for any help! Kinda freaked out!

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