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Speaker depth

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OK I'm sure this has been gone over but I couldn't find it. So my question is how deep of a speaker fits in a Road Glide fairing? I'm SUPER disappointed in my JM 7.25. Was a waste of money. Should've done more homework. They're loud but have no bass. I believe I finally found their frequency response is only down to 70hz. Ugh! They are super tinny sounding in my opinion. So now I'm shopping and researching other speakers but not sure how deep will fit. I will be taking account for an adapter too. I'm looking at 6.5" coaxials. I see Kicker has a nice low Hertz(35hz- 21khz)on some of their speakers but don't know much about them. I know a sub is for real bass. But i m sure I can do better than the JM. Thanks oh and yes I'm running a Clarion XC1410 amp and HK head unit.. Any help would be great! Thanks Again!
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Check out DD VO-M 6.5. These are a mid range driver and have some pretty good mid bass. They are a tight squeeze in the RG Fairing (13 and below). If you have a 15 or newer, you'll have to cut the speaker pods.

As another option, I just helped a buddy install the DD CXS 6.5s in his Street Glide. These are a coax speaker, but I was impressed with the lower end response. They are capable of handling 150-200w, so with the right tuning, you could get a lot from these speakers and they fit with zero issue on any any model, to include going in the tour pack.
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