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Speaker depth

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OK I'm sure this has been gone over but I couldn't find it. So my question is how deep of a speaker fits in a Road Glide fairing? I'm SUPER disappointed in my JM 7.25. Was a waste of money. Should've done more homework. They're loud but have no bass. I believe I finally found their frequency response is only down to 70hz. Ugh! They are super tinny sounding in my opinion. So now I'm shopping and researching other speakers but not sure how deep will fit. I will be taking account for an adapter too. I'm looking at 6.5" coaxials. I see Kicker has a nice low Hertz(35hz- 21khz)on some of their speakers but don't know much about them. I know a sub is for real bass. But i m sure I can do better than the JM. Thanks oh and yes I'm running a Clarion XC1410 amp and HK head unit.. Any help would be great! Thanks Again!
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You have two problems. As you already found out, the JM are very bright and tinny IMO. The second issue is that amp. There are a couple of speakers out there that will give you better (not great on a bike, but certainly better) bass, but that clarion doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to push them.

What year bike? 13 and down look at BT 7.1 with either a BT 2180 or CV B52 amp. 15 and up look at arc moto 602 with same amps (7.1 won't fit in 15 and up).

In my opinion the arc 602s are just slightly above average at low to mid volumes, but they really go into beast mode when you put the power to them. To me the BT 7.1 is a better overall speaker than the 602, with a little less bass available but what I think is better sound quality at all volumes and they will get plenty loud.
I ran the 300x2 for awhile, it's a nice amp for keeping FM and it has some good power for 2 ohm speakers. It's certainly better than what you have now, but it still won't push a good 4 ohm like the BT 7.1 or Moto 602 to anywhere near their full potential and that's what you need for at least some bass without adding bag speakers or lids.

It will do a better job with your current JM speakers or you could sell them and buy a set of infinity kappa 62.11i which are also 2 ohm and will sound every bit as good as the JM but are still bright with no bass. On second thought don't do that, than you'll be even more pizzed when you think about how much you paid for your JM and realize the kappas can be found for about $130 on amazon. A few months ago they were only going for about $105 on amazon and then everyone figured out that them and the 300x2 was a great entry level setup and the price for both started going up.

If you want decent bass unfortunately you're going to have to start from scratch. That being said, remember that you're chasing a unicorn looking for great bass on a bike going down the road.
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