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To all my fellow Sharks I'm looking for some help,

In the middle of building my bike and finding it hard to decide on Speakers and Amp for the bike.

Just bought my head unit from Biketronics should get to me in the next week or so.

I was going for the Yaffe "House Party system", but finding it hard to part with the cash as its going to cost of around $2000 to get it shipped to the UK.

I the House Party System consists of :

Rockford Fosgate
P1653 6.5/3w/120
P1S652 6.5/2w/110
P1694 6*9/4w/150

which I can get here in the UK for around £250

This is where the problems come in I want the rear lids by Yaffe/Cycelsounds
which is around $550 shipped from Cyclesounds to the UK

Then comes the AMP I have no idea on these the one with the Yaffe Setup if the Hawg Wired 300watt. Again cant get this here so importing is the only option and they cost around $900 before shipping.

Im looking on recommendations on all Speakers as I definitely want 6 speakers and an AMP able to power the system.

The only good this with the Yaffe system is a good deal for the price compared me getting it separately and it comes in one bundle all the wires, adapters and wiring map.

All I really need your help on this one its driving me crazy.



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You can buy the speakers on for about $80 USD new per pair
Find the amp on Ebay for much less than retail,

As for the lids, I've seen them and they are nice however you could
have a local auto body shop cut in holes for the 6x9 speakers and you
can mount them with the grills on top, painted to match the bags.

I haven't found any discounts on the Yaffe/Cycle Visions bags, however I
did see several people mounting speakers directly into the bags as said
above and it looks good...
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