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Here we go for round 2 of cleaning out the crawlspace and garage. Don't forget to check out Spring Cleanin' as there are a few very nice items left there for sale. The parts listed are off of an '07 Softail Deluxe, '10 SG, & a '12 RG. All prices include shipping conus unless otherwise stated. Payment accepted through Paypal. Here's what I have for you.

RG/SG dual exhaust black ceramic coated heat shields $100 shipped
RG/SG chrome horn cover $20 shipped
SG fairing mirrors $30 shipped
SG fairing skirt $35 shipped
Softail black switch cap kit $10 shipped
Softail SE plug wires $15 shipped
Softail speedometer $50 shipped (mileage is around 7500 I believe)
QTY 2. Softail fork legs $35 per set + shipping (top leg in picture has some black paint on it, no damage)
Softail tombstone tail light w/ gasket $35 shipped (missing red lens though)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts