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Hey Shark Brothers!

(2016 FLTRXS)
Finally got my stage one kit from fuelmoto. Got the new jackpot hi roller slip ons with their ceramic 2-1-2 jackpot head pipes. I also got their power vision tuner deal with the pro billet stage 1 air cleaner. So now...I'm itching to put it on this weekend but I am also APPROACHING 1k miles. I got about 700 and I'm just wondering what your guys' feedback is on waiting to do the stage 1 install when i do my 1k miles service. i will be doing it myself, i like learning my own bike and this will be my first 1k service since its my first brand new motorcycle. I'm excited to do the 1k service and save 400+ dollars from the stealers. Is the checklist in my owners manual the same as a service book? any tips on the one k service. i don't mind waiting to put the stage 1 in when i do my 1k service but again the sooner the better. Any tips/comments or info will be greatly appreciated.

Blessings from SoCal,
Kevin Canta
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