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stage iv to stage V

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is it worth it to dyno & add a s.e. tuner to a 2015 rgs with a stage lv kit ?????
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In my opinion, if you're doing any real motor work, just flashing a download from HD isn't going to cut it. Rear motor work should be properly tuned... SE Pro tuner, Power Vision, TTS Mastertune... any flash tuner.... I've never been a fan of piggyback style tuners because I've seen them crap out and then you're shit up a creek. If you're going to put the money into it... do it right so you get the most, power, performance, and reliability...
Isn't PV piggyback? I have a PCV right now and wish I'd known about TTS before I did it. I want to go TTS as soon as I can afford it. It will be nice to run closed loop with tunability.
what should i do to Bottom End?? i have dealer installed stage IV kit-v&h header pipes with cfr mufflers!!
Replace the crank. The stock crank can shift if it's overbuilt. What exactly have you had done to your motor. Intake and pipes is generally stage one.

I'm going to quote Harley Jack here:
Dont know about Harley stages but S&S is a good guideline

1 is intake and exhaust : high flow air cleaner and different exhaust

2 is 1 plus cams and push rods

3 is 2 plus big bore kits

4 is 3 plus ported heads and upgraded fuel system

like anything else you don't have to do all of the previous for one of the upgrades
So pretty much if you have a stage 4 setup you would have a tuner already. Go with whatever tuner your tuner wants to use and is comfortable with. My local dealer prefers SE Race tuner and TTS Mastertune.
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