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Stage1 Completed

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V&H Power Duels, Monster Squares, Grenade intake and FP3. What a difference! great sound and much better throttle response. Very happy with the set up. My wife said "now it sound like a Harley". Yes it doe's a deep throaty Harley.

Also a couple of other additions.

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Looks great. I went with the twin slash instead of the squares and the V02 instead of grenade. Great set up, you'll love it
It's fine. My inner knee hit it a little when I had my feet on the highway pegs. Adjusted them a little and it's great

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Thank you Docshaun, Question, you went all V&H I assume FP3 as well? If so, reading the instructions it reads "no need for auto tune", Did you do the auto tune? and if so, did you notice any improvements?

Thank you for any input you can provide.


I'm in the process of doing it now. I've got about a tank through it. I applied what it learned through the first tank and it "felt" smoother. How much of that is the actual auto tune and how much is just a placebo effect I couldn't tell you. I'm still breaking in the motor, so everything that was learned was in the lower rpm lower throttle area. I figured what harm is auto tuning gonna do? If anything, it'll learn my riding style and dial it in more for me.
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