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Hoping someone can help me out here, only found one other similar post but didn't seem like it was resolved. I have the stock 2013 road glide head unit, and just bought a diamond micro v2 amp with moto 602 speakers and PAC sni-35 loc. After wiring it all up with the Ground to the negative on the battery and power to the positive. Speaker output plug wires from the amp are going directly to the speakers.
Amp input plug is connected with rca cables to the rca on the line output converter.
Loose wires from the converter going directly to the wires that went to the original speakers. I'm having a constant static noise when I turn it on. It is extremely noticeable at mute and gets drowned out by the music around 4 bars of volume. Above about half volume it sounds loud and clear. I've double checked all of my speaker and amp connections. Turning the gain down on the amp quiets the static and so does turning down the output converter but when they are set where they're supposed to be it is too much. I even tried getting a PAC sni-1 noise isolator someone recommended and that didn't do anything either. I've tried multiple sets of rcas and also even tried another sni-35 . I've ruled out as much as I can think of hoping someone might have any other ideas I can try. I do have daymaker headlights which I read online can sometime cause a static, but I bought this bike used and don't know if they originally came on the 2013's or not.
Any help or troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance
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