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Really hoping someone can help me out here I'm going crazy.
Just installed a diamond micro v2 amp, moto 602 speakers , PAC sni-35 loc on my 13' road glide with stock head unit. When I turn it on there is a constant static noise at mute all the way up until about 4 bars of volume before it gets drowned out my the music. After that it sounds pretty loud and clear. I've tried grounding the amp to the negative battery post, both grounding posts in front of the battery, the ground on the trans and to the front of the frame and still the same problems. I've tried multiple rca cables, a new sni-35 and even another micro v2 amp. Also tried the PAC sni-1 ground noise isolator with no change at all. Any troubleshooting advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm completely out of ideas on what to try next.
Thanks in advance
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