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Steel Horses!

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Sorry I couldn't resist.

Just out for a ride after a clay-bar and waxing.


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No of course not. To get that shine I used a clay bar first then used a nano spray wax.
Yeah I like the color a lot too. When I first saw the new RG at Bike Week, driving down the road with the sun light I knew I had to have one.
Do you have the 15 or 16?

When I was shopping for mine I really wanted the mysterious red sun glow, but when it came down to the bottom line, I opted for saving some $ by buying a vivid black one that was sitting on the showroom floor for a year. They gave me an extra grand off list if I bought it, plus the black was $500 less. I ended up buying kor 3K below MSRP.

Every time I wash it, I kick myself for not ponying up the extra funds. 'Cause vivid black is really hard to keep looking as nice as yours does. Man o man, You're ride sure looks SWEET!

Mine is a 15 custom, with ABS.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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