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All of these parts came off my 2012 Road Glide Ultra. The bike had right at 33500 miles at the time of the Stage IV install. The dealer recommended going with new cylinders since it was only about 200 dollars extra, that is why the take cylinders are included. Everything appears in good shape and the bike ran fine when the parts were pulled off. I am also including my Power Vision. The kit included a SERT, so I find myself with 2 tuners. ATTENTION **The Power Vision will require the purchase of an unlock license from Dynojet**. You have been warned. The unlock license is listed at 199.00 on their site.

Cylinders and heads - 300.00 + shipping
Stock throttle body and injectors - Sold
Fuel Moto Stage 1 Air Cleaner kit (aluminum) with stock air cleaner cover - 60.00 + shipping
If you are interested, let me know.
Here are the first photos:


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