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Storage tote - extra Pak

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Not really sure what to call it,. but I made it a few years back for my Ultra. The only picture I have of it installed is kinda grainy,. but you get the idea.
I made a metal bracket, then bolted a rubbermaid storage tote to the top. This works great for packing extra cloths, gear, leathers rain suits for those long trips. We even strapped down helmets to the top of it one trip.

The entire thing bolts to your existing harley hardware, there is nothing extra to buy. You just remove one of the saddlebag guard bolts, hold the braket up and reinstall the screw. The container has latches, but I also drilled holes and put on 4 pad locks to secure it overnight. You will recieve a key to the padlocks as well. The box is low enough not to cover the lights on the bike, but big enough to give lots of extra space on those long trips. The box is sitting on diamond plate aluminum, to protect the plastic box from any heat that may come from your mufflers. I never had a problem with it heating up and was surprised at how well this worked. You would not want to overload this, but I can tell you we had 2 leather jackets, 2 pairs of chaps, 2 rainsuits a medium sized socket set, and misc other tools all loaded in this at one time. Infact the picture of it on the bike,. we had it loaded up with everything. You can't even tell its back there, but its nice to remember its back there before you back up into a curb (which I never did)

The storage box is approximatley 18" x 21"x9" I can't give exact numbers, because I boxed it up before I took measurements.
I do have this listed on ebay as well, but for more money.
It will fit any year, except 2010.

For anyone here, I'd do $90 shipped to the lower 48

Here is a link to the ebay auction as well.


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Very cool and great price!
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