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Sturgis 2015

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Hey all.
I haven't posted much on here.
I've moved to Delaware for work.
The ridding here is pretty shitty so there really hasn't been much to post about.
I recently returned from a trip out west.
I normally do trips by myself but this time there were 5 of us.
I did all the planning...picked the routes...organized the accommodations.
I even picked the rest stops.
We decided to trailer the bikes to Loveland CO.
The idea was to do a big loop covering The Rockies...The Grand Tetons...Yellowstone...Baretooth Pass...and Sturgis
The trailer arrived in Loveland on Sunday so 3 of us flew out to meet the other 2 that pulled the trailer with our trip starting Monday morning.
We road over to Estes Park and stopped in Walden for lunch.
We then spent the night in Rawlins WY.
Some breathtaking scenery along the way.
It's was pretty windy by the time we arrived in Rawlins.
The boys really loved the ride over the Rockies and the weather was perfect.
Here is what we did Monday

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Very cool post and pics!

I did the same thing myself but from the left coast. We didn't trailer any of it, though. Road about 3500 miles in all with a different route there and back. I'd taken a few weekend trips before but this was my first extended trip of 15 days. Saw some amazing sights. I am not much of a shutter bug these days but managed to get some shots of some key places. Probably passed you along the road somewhere out there.

The 75th Anniversary Sturgis Rally was definitely a spectacle, but, this trip was definitely more about the ride...

E :cool:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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