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Riding with a buddy from Alabama to Sturgis this summer. Have plenty of time going out - taking 8 days to get out there and will just figure out each day exactly which way we want to go (depending on weather and must ride roads). Coming back will be a little more structured. Not pressed enough to ride the interstate but will be planning our stops from Deadwood to Bristol (got to get there for the night race :))

Will be avoiding Nebraska so thinking about Deadwood to Sioux City Iowa the first day. Sioux City to Springville, IL the next. Then it will be Springville to Richmond, KY on Day 3 with a 5 hour trip from Richmond on down to Bristol on Day 4.

I am using Basecamp to map the trip and will then export and get it in my GPS. I am looking for information on roads, and decent places to stay along that route. I would like to find a motorcycle friendly hotel with a bar in walking distance at the 3 stops. Doesn't have to be fancy as long as it is clean and moto friendly.

Thanks for any input you have.

Rough idea of route

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