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This jsut started to happen intermittently. I am not sure if i am riding different or this is a new issue. I think I might be giving the bike WOT a little more than I used to but am not sure.

2013 FLTRX with PC5, Cobra Power Port Duals, CFR slip ons and a 100% stock motor right now. I vaguely remember having a similar issue in the past and rerouting the wires under the seat for the PC5 so I just did that. Won;t be able to go 80 until I leave to go home tonight.

Has anyone else had this type of issue and if so what was the cause and fix? Obviously I can take off the PC5 and ride to see if ti still happens which will be my next move if it still stutters on the way home. I have heard of others having PC's go bad but have never had that happen. Ran the same one on my softail for 8 years without issue.

My initial reaction to this is to buy some cams and heads and get a power vision and a Dyno tune but the budget has been changed in the past few months so not sure that is a feasible option right now. I do know that my Road Glide feel REALLY slow compared to the recently acquired 124 FXR.

Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated. A little more info, battery bolts are tight, it starts right up and runs fine and only seems to do this at higher speed on the highway. Last thing I did was clean the air filter two weeks ago and this did not start until this week.

I did ride some really rough roads on the last trip multiple times a day so I am thinking maybe the wiring got jostled around a little under the seat.

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