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Subwoofer idea for saddlebag

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I've seen the woof pack for the tour pak's,.. but don't want to have to keep my tour pak on all the time if I want some bump. I also don't want to not have any kind of storage loss in the tour pak, as its nice having a lot of room.

I have seen where people have put subwoofers in their saddlebags, but nothing inside, not mounted solid, easy to take in and out. The few I have seen have drilled holes in the inner side of the saddlebag with the speaker facing the rear tire. Bagger concepts supposedly makes a subwoofer for your saddlebag,. but they don't answer emails and I have read a lot of bad stuff about the company.
So it got me wondering about these.

There are a lot of slim profile amplified subwoofers, but I havent seen any that are marine or water proof like this one. Back in highschool I had a friend with a Pyle system and that sucker rocked.

So anyone think this would work? I could run the cables through the side of the saddlebag, and when not in use could plug the hole. Wouldn't take up that much space either.

I have also thought about if it doesn't sound good inside the saddlebag, to mount it underneath the tour pak facing down. (last resort)
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Pyle used to be great (late 80's) but went to hell sometime after. Those small, powered subs are usually marginal, at best, regardless of who makes them, and that is in a car.

Putting any sort of sub on a bike is going to be tough. With no 'cockpit' they lack modal reinforcement, so it will take a lot of driver, and a lot of power (think outdoor concert). Further, the 'bass' you are hearing, from concerts, or even from cars driving by, is actually at a farily high frequency, and is more from harmonics created by the sub, than actual sub bass.

I think you'd be much better served with a farily high powered, properly enclosed mid bass...something playing from 80-100hz to around 500 hz. This would fill in nicely with the smallish speakers in the fairing. Since the higher the frequency, the more directional the sound, getting these in the fairing, perhaps firing in toward the forks, would work well. Part of my winter project list includes a serious stereo study of my 08 glide.

1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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