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Subwoofer idea for saddlebag

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I've seen the woof pack for the tour pak's,.. but don't want to have to keep my tour pak on all the time if I want some bump. I also don't want to not have any kind of storage loss in the tour pak, as its nice having a lot of room.

I have seen where people have put subwoofers in their saddlebags, but nothing inside, not mounted solid, easy to take in and out. The few I have seen have drilled holes in the inner side of the saddlebag with the speaker facing the rear tire. Bagger concepts supposedly makes a subwoofer for your saddlebag,. but they don't answer emails and I have read a lot of bad stuff about the company.
So it got me wondering about these.

There are a lot of slim profile amplified subwoofers, but I havent seen any that are marine or water proof like this one. Back in highschool I had a friend with a Pyle system and that sucker rocked.

So anyone think this would work? I could run the cables through the side of the saddlebag, and when not in use could plug the hole. Wouldn't take up that much space either.

I have also thought about if it doesn't sound good inside the saddlebag, to mount it underneath the tour pak facing down. (last resort)
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Hay Chain what about inside Front?

Didn't you say you were considering the inner area facing forks?:eek:
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