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Suggestions on Heated Grips

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Well I've decided to go the heated grip route on my 12 Road Glide Custom and yes I'm aware of heated gloves. I just picked up a pair of 1 1/4" chubby 10" harley brand mini apes and the grip ends shrink back down to 1" I don't want heated gloves, they don't fit my hands, I have rather small oddly shaped hands hands so the heated grips would be a better choice, I have the Harley Aileron grips and HD makes them in a heated grip version, any other brands that people have and using feel free to let me know. If no other good suggestions come out, I'll most likely get a hold of Jon and Horny Toad HD and pick up the Heated Aileron grips.
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I also have small hands and I mostly wear women's gloves. If they are plain who can tell. However, some of the designs are obviously women's.

I have hears that the Harley brand are subject to shorting out in rain. some of my friends have referred the aftermarket brands. FWIW
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