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Was killing some time today in Nashville (out here helping w grandkids while daughter dealing w/ some health issues). Stopped by Boswell HD just to knock around. They have a 17 RGU that I had to check out and noticed a different seat on it. Looks great, and not the stock seat - which I'm not sure I really like because it makes me feel so scrunched up on the tank (I'm 5'11' 32' inseam). Anyway, seat felt awesome and I really liked how I felt on the bike better. Sales guy noticed me and told me it is the "reach" seat.

Anyway, probably not much of newsflash to anyone that knew about it - but if I pull the trigger on a new ride next year this is going to be my seat. Liked the looks too. Like a two textures, leather (maybe) and the regular vinyl. Really liked it!


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