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SW 6.5 in Terlingua, Texas

Alright folks next years plans for the Annual Terlingua Meet and Greet are set in place and Andyman asked if I could post up the information.

Thanks Andy for doing the leg work to get this set up with the dates, hotels, etc.!

This will book up quick so act fast if you want in.

This year we will start out in Fort Davis from April 23rd thru April 26th. We will then continue on for the remainder of the week in Terlingua, TX from April 26th thru April 29th (or longer if you wish).

While in Fort Davis you can enjoy some great riding throughout the Davis Mountains, visit the McDonald Observatory for some Star Gazing or take a ride out to Marfa to see the Mysterious Lights. There are lots of other interesting things to see and do.

Booking for the Davis Mountain portion can be done at the Stone Village Tourist Camp. 432 426 3941. You can speak with either Belinda or Randy and refer to Shark Week 6.5 when booking. Check in will be on April 23rd and Check out is April 26th where we then head to Terlingua for the remainder of the week.

If you find the Stone Village is already booked up you can use one of the alternates below.
The Limpia Hotel
101 Memorial Square
Fort Davis, TX 79734

Ft Davis Inn & RV Park
201 N State St.
Fort Davis, TX 79734
844 376 1180

The Host Hotel while in Terlingua will be the familiar
El Dorado Hotel (800) 371-3588 – Ask for Shannon and again refer to SW 6.5 when booking.

Most will be leaving for home on Saturday the 29th but stay longer if you wish.

This will be a come and go as you wish M&G without any scheduled rides, functions or leaders. With that said, there are always people willing to show you around and groups will get together as always to head out for the day. Also, there are plenty of people willing to share their knowledge of what to do, where to go, places to eat, etc. It will be a good time for all as it always is.

We hope to see a bunch of familiar faces along with some new one as well. Ride safe all and we will see some of you in Canada!

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Also, when you check in to El Dorado, bring cash and it is cheaper. Just mention it to Shannon at check in, not when you call for reservations. $$$$

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