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I have a used Swann brand 1080 HD camera. I used this during my trip to Shark Week III and it did a really good job. I was able to get some really good photo shots while out riding. I got some video but I'm not really a video capturing while riding kind of guy. I prefer taking still shots. Nonetheless is takes some real decent video in 1080 or 720. It comes with everthing you see in the picture, even a seperate mount that I purchased for $30.00 that wraps around the front fork cowbell (left or right). It also comes with a screen that attached to the back of the camera so you can preview the photos or video taken. It will come with an extra battery that I also purchased seperately for about $30.00. comes with various mounts and cables to charge to wall or usb.

The only thing is that it does not come with the remote it originally came with. I lost it in Utah at Zion National Park :( . However it's totally functional and has a easy photo buttom or video button that is accessible from the waterproof case and it is entirely waterproof. and keep in mind most action cameras nowadays still don't come with remotes so this is great if you plan to mount on helmet, bars or even the forks.

It comes with all original packaging and instructions.

I purchased it brand new back in July for $150.00 and that didn't not include the mount or extra battery.

I'll let it go for $80.00 shipped to your door.

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