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Coming up on my 1000 mile service on 15 RG Special. I have been given 2 different stories on going synthetic yet or not. One says wait till 5000 mile and convert if I want to and another says go ahead and do it now. Taking the $$ out of the equation, do I go Syn now or wait? I am not so much sold on the Syn blend myself. Have always ran regular in all 3 holes in years past with no issues.
I'm gonna go against the grain and say stay with dino oil. If you used it in the past and had no issues why change now. I used to use synthetic in the past and a few changes ago I switched to Valvoline VR1 20w50. No noticeable difference in heat coming off the motor and now my valve train is quieter and oil pressure is higher especially when the engine is up to temp after a long ride.
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