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I have found that when my low fuel light comes on the trip meter goes from whatever mileage it was reading to miles remaining. Consistently it starts counting down at the mid sixties then goes down at a rate only it understands! For example I can ride at 75 mph when it comes on and in two miles it can go from 68 to 35 miles remaining. when it gets down to 10 miles remaining it flips over to read "low" and I start looking for a station 'cause I know I've only got about half a gallon remaining. typically when I fill it up it takes 5.5-5.75 gallons, but I top it off by filling it until the pump stops, shake the bike top it off again and repeat 2 or 3 times. That way I know how much fuel I put in each time and so far I've consistently filled up with the same amount every time.

Just know that I only do this if I'm riding in a familiar area and know I'm not too far from a gas station, If I'm on the road I always top off wen I have a 1/4 tank left.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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