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Although most people seem to think the 2014 and 2015 bikes are exactly the same as the older on the rear end, they in fact are not. For Road Glide;'s this only affects the 2015's obviously.

Performance machine released a technical bulletin regarding rear wheel fitment. 200mm tires on 2015 Road Glides are questionable but this bulletin shows you how to get them to fit if you insist on extra .7".

Here is the tech bulletin. It has some pics but the format is off a bit for this.
This Technical Bulletin is published for general informational purposes only, Performance Machine shall not
be held liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from the modifications to your motorcycle.
Due to manufacturing variances clearance issues have been occurring on some 2014-2015 Harley Davidson
FLH Touring models with HD fender support bracket (p/n 91140-09). In some cases Performance Machine
17” x 6.0”, 17” x 6.25”, and 18 x 5.5” wheels with 200mm wide Metzeler ME880 tires have been coming very
close or making contact with this fender bracket upon installation. Generally installing a PM wheel with a
200mm wide Metzeler ME880 tire results in a centered wheel position with approximately .200” of fender
bracket clearance on each side of the tire, however, we have noticed upwards of a .100” difference in the
width of the support brackets measured. This technical bulletin outlines a solution that can help center the
wheel/tire and create more clearance.
If you continue to have issues with fitment please contact PM and/or your HD dealer. Consult your HD service
manual or local service department for more technical information. Performance Machine is not responsible
for any damage as a result of improper installation or abuse.
For questions pertaining to the installation of this product, please contact our technical department at 1-800-479-4037
1. Place your motorcycle securely on a lift or stand.
2. Remove the side bags to gain access to the fender support bracket
3. Remove the two T40 bolts on each side and the 1/2” nut under the fender. Remove the fender support bracket.
4. With the fender support bracket removed, adjust the fender bracket to approximately 8-3/8” width.
(Note: a vice and a large crescent wrench can be used to bend the fender bracket)
BEFORE: 8.266” AFTER: 8.415”
5. Reinstall the fender support bracket with the removed hardware, tighten to factory specs. Check for clearance
against the tire. If the clearance is still tight, remove and readjust.

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