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If you are looking for a seat with a lot of support with the ability to adjust the support, which in turn changes the sitting position, you might be interested in the Road Zeppelin air adjustable seat from Harley.

I found it to be a real nice seat, but not superior to the heated Corbin touring seat I already own.

When you adjust the two different air chambers it changes your sitting position from slightly leaned forward if full air in the back bladder and no air in the front, to slightly leaned back when full air in the front bladder and no air in the rear.

The seat does sit you higher than the stock RGU seat which is more comfortable for the legs, but means less wind protection from the shield and a change in hand position on the bars.

Taller riders might find this seat a great option, and I would recommend that if you are not happy with the stock seat that you find the seat you love before making changes to handlebars, windshields, etc.
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