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Garmin Zumo 550, GXM30, extra mounts

I'm looking at getting a new GPS, a Garmin Zumo 665 to be exact. Problem is it's a pricey little bugger, and I can't justify it unless I can move my current GPS, a Garmin Zumo 550...

Here's the deal.

Would anyone like to buy my used 550, and help me finance the 665? It would come with the original box and all original accessories including the suction cup car mount, all software, soft case, handle bar clamp and powered mount, 110V charger, etc. Basically everything it came with. I just spent $150 on the GPS itself to have it refurbished by Garmin about two weeks ago. They didn't actually rebuild mine, but sent me a new (refurbished?) one with a different serial number, so the head unit is basically like brand new.

I also have optional the GXM 30 XM antenna.

MSRP on the 550 is $899.99 and the XM antenna retails at $249.99 Street price for the GPS is around $520-580 and the antenna can be had for around $150-$180 or so, depending on where you shop.

I'd have to get $500 for the GPS and $100 for the antenna. I also have two extra motorcycle mounts (I have three bikes and move the GPS from bike to bike) that I'd sell for $60 each. All prices include shipping CONUS...

I'll break up the antenna and mounts, but I'd have to sell the GPS first. Let me know if anyone is interested, and lets make a deal.

Prices quoted are firm, they are set at the number I need to make the upgrade worthwhile to me. Otherwise, I'll just keep the 550. It's a great system, and and I really don't need a 665, I just have the want bumps...;)

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