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Some years back I purchased a set-up from Fuel Moto for my previous bike. Their customer service was second-to-none, particularly AFTER the sale. In addition, their prices were as good as anywhere else and many times, even better.

As a result of that experience, I came back FINALLY to upgrade my 2013. It has always been my worst performing Harley even though I went from the 96 on the 2010 to the 103 on the 2013.

I got a backpay check from work so I did the responsible thing and spent it on Harley parts. Wasn't cheap but I got my 'dream' set-up of the Vance and Hines power dual headpipe, Monster Squared Mufflers, the 'Duke' air cleaner, power vision tuner with the 'target tune' upgrade. Short ride home from the shop last night so not enough to get a true feel for it yet but it looks great and the sound appears to be about what I expected.

Shipping was fast and they were extremely helpful when ordering. Hopefully I won't really need them but it's good knowing they are there if I do.
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