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Her name is Alma and I've finally gotten to take her out for a few rides.....a little background...she was a totaled 1987 FLHTP that I bought back in March for cheap. The frame and forks were straight...but that was about it. How I got her.....

Since then all I've been doing is beating dents out, fixing wiring, welding torn metal, and replacing parts that I couldn't fix. Alot of the replaced parts are take-offs offered for the price of shipping, free, or little to no money from the folks in the Evo forum at HD forums. That got me to here.......

And then here....

Originally the plan was to have a "rider" while collecting the parts to make her into what I want. Those hopes were short lived....due to the fact that anything that has to do with locating the swingarm in the frame IS TRASHED and she isn't safe to ride, REALLY squirrely in the corners to the point of almost scary!

The Plan.....

She is going to be a Road Glide when I'm done! I will retrofit a late "re-angled" fairing with a mid 2000's gauge nacelle (I have a tach and speedo already). The immediate plan is to fix the swingarm issues and repair the rot in the frame to make her a rider....THEN start collecting the parts for the Road Glide change over, cause they aint gunna be I started the same thing on Ester years ago and documented the journey on this forum, but was offered stupid money for her and she was sold....I should have kept her....but. That being said, NOW I'm glad I did, cause someone sunk a crap load of cash into this engine!! She is probably the fastest HD I've owned to date, and will be interested in seeing what she does on a dyno, had an 03 Ultra with an SE 95" engine that dynoed at 105lbs of tq and this is definitely faster!

More to come
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