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Well as some may remember my wife gave me a great anniversary gift this year. A full build from Covington Customs on my 2012 CVO Skunk. I know there are many saying why? Well please keep in mind this is a gift. It is hard to say thank you but no, I need to buy another bike to use for this build and spend another 15 to 20k. Also I have a 110 in the bike already, I will be selling a lot of parts to help off set the cost, and my bike is paid for... So why not.

So after a lot of time and thought we have determined path. The mods which will take place:
Stretched gas tank
Custom dash, they are going to embed the red CVO light/logo from my original dash into my new dash, also they are inserting a flush plug-in for my CB..
Stretched saddle bags, lids for speakers, and rear fender with license plate holder
Custom side panels
Sinister fairing doors
Yaffe Scowl
Air ride front and back
Wrapped front fender
26 inch front Wheel: Covington DC Hole Shots, one side of wheel open/single rotor
New billet lower front forks
Front turn signals imbedded into the front fairing
Custom handle bars
New custom seat
Custom 2 into 1 exhaust which will go out the side opposed to the back
Custom paint where we are keeping the same colors. I want their painter to do what he wants, I do not want to control the outcome. We did however agree that you would be ale to see that this bikes was based off the 2012 RGC CVO Skunk...

Items I bought for the build:
Used 2011 road king gas tank. Didn't know that is what we have but it is...
Inner and outer fairing
Yaffe Scowl
Replacement logos and medallions

Items I am keeping from my bike which will go back on:
Floor boards and hwy pegs
My etched HD saddle bag latches and cow bells
Radio and iPod connector
We are going to embed my rear CVO lights into the custom rear fender
All the logos and medallions are going back on the bike

Items being sold:
The complete tin set from my bike. From the front fender, inner and outer fairing, gas tank, side panels, rear fender, saddle bags, etc. All of it is being sold.

Chopped CVO Tour Pack

My CVO handle bars, original CVO mirrors, and grips.

My chrome lower forks with the progressive monotubes which have a one inch drop.

A set of true duels, Bassanis exhaust with custom diamond cut black and chrome tips with an SS header pipe. The tips alone were $350..

I have attached pics of how the bikes sits today. I will continue to post pics as progress is made. If you are interested in any of the parts please send an email.

I look forward to sharing and appreciate everyone's comments and thoughts.


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Should look awesome by the looks of your parts list. Good luck.

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