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Thunderheader X or D&D Boarzilla

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125hp /131tq 113 motor w/S&S 635 cams. Running S&S Power Duals w/Rinehart 4".

Torque is to the right, like it flatter and sooner.

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+1 Fatcat

Perforated wrapped is great. Had it on my fatboy. D&D also has great customer service. I hit a big dip on my bike and cracked a bracket. 1 picture in an email and D&D put a new bracket in the mail. Also sounds great with an awesome torque cure.

On this sight people say try the Dragos Dragula 2. 10 year header warranty. Ceramic coated in and out and can change baffle to make better flow flow upgrades.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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