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Thunderheader X or D&D Boarzilla

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125hp /131tq 113 motor w/S&S 635 cams. Running S&S Power Duals w/Rinehart 4".

Torque is to the right, like it flatter and sooner.

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Regarding asthetics

Can't comment on the Thunderheader X as I've not run one, but I have run a zilla before. Ran it on a 117 running 12/1 compression and Wood w68's. Pipe worked well. It's a little loud to some but I thought it sounded good, of course I wasn't behind it. It's pretty much a proven pipe for bigger motors and I don't think you could go wrong with it if that's what you choose.
The THX is a work of art compared to all other TH's, but that muffler is what it is........and that "is" a true runner.

I'll pick the pipe that creates less wife rides on my right wing and we've rode like that for years. I had open Sampson trues on my last bike and she couldn't stand the noise nor could anyone else rolling 75-80mph and when I get on it they'd fall back and refused to ride near me. Going for the sound level and I think the THX is slightly deeper and the finish is 2 cuts above any previous TH to date and now comes with a ghost pipe.
Good thing I ran this by my builder he confirmed my build is a 113" (despite the math by the peanut gallery on another forum).

Thunderheader X 2" primaries are too large for a 113". It is now down to a hideous old style Thunderheader or a D&D Boss Fat Cat.

D&D Boss Fat Cat with wrapped perforated baffles for the most low end and flattest curve.
I talked to D&D and my builder Ron at RC Cycles and both agree the Boss Fat Cat will produce more low end/middle torque whereas the larger primary tube Boarzilla will make bigger numbers/ horsepower, middle/ up top. Like Ron says any 2 into 1 vs a dual set up will give my build "more everywhere".

I'll take the Boss Fat Cat with a ghost pipe.
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