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Thundermax firm ware changes

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With the latest firm ware update, did Thundermax remove the feature that allows you to set the number of engine rotations before it receives fuel/spark?

With that feature set to 1, my bike fired right up. Since the firm ware updated, it's gone back to the old sluggish startup. And now I can't find the feature in the basic settings.
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You may have to click on basic settings and reset the compression release delay. There was never a feature the had the bike turn over certain amount of rpms before there was fuel and spark.
The compression release delay setting is for the Automatic Compression Releases (ACR). When turning on the ignition the ACR's will open and then close after so many rpms, the setting is usually 2 rpm's.
The initial fuel pulse and the cranking fuel adjustments would be what needs adjustment.
Also check other adjustments such as speedo calibration.
Has anyone done the Feb 2015 firmware update? I'm regretting that I did. With the new update, compression relay delay is deactivated and in the box states "N/A This Firmeare". Has anyone had this issue? I can't be the only one who updated their firmware this year.
I am about to check / update mine sometime in the next couple of weeks. Now you have got me worried. I have laptop set up to load wave tuning into the unit. I am really looking forward to it.
We do them all the time no issues. Now it is set by 0 is off 1 is on.
It is called compression release control.
Before it was done on time.
After any firmware upgrades you should reset PC.
Just an update...

Updated my Thundermax to the latest firmware / software.
My bike has never started better and it runs great!
I am still a very pleased user! :)
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