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To DOT or not to DOT (give me a better option)

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Just looking for some opinions here. While I do ride most of the time with a helmet, it is usually not a DOT rated one (Personal preference), but also a belief that with the amount of technology that is in the market place today there has to be a better product out there than something that meets a standard that has not been updated in years. Helmets for most every other sport have changed significantly in this time. It just seems that the basic formate of Styrofoam and plastic (as most DOT helmets are) cannot be the best product to protect my head. There has to be something out there that is comfortable (relative term) and provides better protection.
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Well after wearing a ff for over 20 years I dropped the ball last night and bought a 1/2 shell at the HD dealer, rode a 100 miles to bike night and visor would not stay up so I bout cooked , It was hy 90s when I left. I must say it was a different ride home, but it was alot cooler. I will not ditch the ff but I have the option now.
It is a dot ..
Been catching a lot of greif today from the wife and son about the 1/2 helment, Son races karts and ask if I was nutts and forgot everything I have preached to him for 20 years about what is your head worth... wife said the same thing....
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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