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So last night I drained the oil to install the oil temp sensor (I needed my 10K service anyway so perfect timing for this upgrade) and then I installed the sensor.
Today i filled the engine oil and then I took off the speedo/tach to run the harness for the oil temp sensor/gauge to the harness that used to be connected to the air temp sensor.
Yeah, I was surprised that the harness for the new oil temp gauge doesn't run all the way from the new sensor to the new gauge. It's certainly long enough!
After running and connecting the new harness to the old harness and connecting the old harness to the new gauge, I temporarily reconnected the speedo, tach and the idiot lights and started it up to check the operations of the new gauge.
All good! :)
Next, Heat Demons grip warmers.
I read the instructions and was very leery about drilling a new hole in my bars but it's gotte be done.
I'm doing left side control for the warmers (you can do either left or right) cause I figgered I wouldn't want to let off the throttle to turn them on.
I remove the right side controls, being careful not to screw up the brake light switch.
Then I gently work slack up the bar on the TBW harness and gently pull out the TBW at the same time.
Then I take off the left side controls, taking time to mark the bars where the clutch lever perch is and the handlebar control housing. You need to know where all this stuff sits so you drill the hole for the heater control wiring in the correct spot.
Next, I drill the hole, 5/16". Yeah, it seems like a really big hole but you need it for all the control wires and the grommet that protects them from chafing.
After the hole is done, I run the wires from the right side heater to the left side of the handlebars. The left side is where all the wire splicing is done.
Then I run the power lead down inside the left bar into the nacelle. Heat Demons expects the power lead to be run externally with the handlebar control wiring. I'm gonna pick up power from the cigarette lighter (power point).
After that's in I run the wires for the controller through the new hole out the end of the left handlebar. Now comes the splicing.
Heat Demons includes good, easy to use, insulation displacement connectors for splicing so no stripping and soldering is required. After the splicing is done I temporarily connect the power leads to the battery and check to make sure everything is working. All good! :)
I tuck the heater and all the splices into the left side handlebar then work the right heater and TBW in the right handlebar gently pulling the TBW harness into the speedo/tach nacelle and then back into the fairing.
Next I work the power lead for the Heat Demons into the fairing and over to the cigarette lighter. Then I splice em up and check operation again. Still all good! :)
Then I reinstall the right side controls, with the new HD Aileron grips I bought :), then do the same on the left.
Finally now I can rehang the front fairing. But first, take off the crappy stock fairing trim and install the new XTrim!
When reinstalling the outer fairing, it helps if you can sprout a third hand out of your chest. I leu of that I just buggered along until everything fit right and I could get all the screws in and put the turn signals back on.
Next, reinstallation of the windshield.
I followed advise I read here and soaked the well nuts in hot water to kind of reanimate the rubber then I loosely screwed them onto the windshield and worked them back into the holes on the fairing. After all the well nuts were lined up and pushed through their corisponding holes I started tightening them up. This time I started on the outside edges and worked toward the middle. When I installed this windshield originally I did it the opposite way and it never really seemed to fit right. I guess it's better. It feels more solid. I think.
It was at this point I was getting the evil eye from the OL and I knew it was time to clean up and get ready to go out to dinner.
Tomorrow, change the final drive oil, adjust the clutch and install the new horn cover. And that's it!! For now anyway. :D
Stay tuned! More to come!

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