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Too damn funny!!!

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So I decided to put a picture of my two bikes for my avatar and went to the User CP page to do it.

Well lo and behold check out what the test avatar was..^^^^^^^ ;)

Needless to say I'm keeping it. :cool:


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Love the primo paint set. I've been looking for a bike this color and have only found a few. They have a lot of other accessories though and the prices are pretty high. Would like to find just the paint set to replace a regular one but can't find one of those either. Guess I can just check with a Harley dealer but I hoped to find one for less than full retail. Just rambling I guess. Any thoughts?
I guess you could watch eBay. I got my Primo for 25% off retail from a dealer. To offset that cost I'll be selling my original parts. Maybe I got lucky with the timing but it's worth a try.
.......... wow!
.... I wonder if the dealer just speculatively bought it & couldn't sell it, or if the mark up was such that he could order it & still make $ on the sale ?
............ even @ 25% off, it wasn't cheap was it ?
They had it installed on a bike and wanted big money for it. Needless to say the bike didn't sell til they took the set off and reduced the price. No it still wasn't cheap but by the time I sell my original parts it won't be too bad.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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