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not sure if the engine section was the appropriate section for this question, mods please move if i'm in the wrong neighborhood.

while i have my engine out for a 117" build i figured i'd go ahead and replace the shift shaft seal, S&S inner primary race, new inner primary bearing, new main drive bearing (i have the older one with the plastic cage). looks like most of these areas require specialty tools.

got some quotes from local shops but all of them seemed high so i was seeing what tools i would need to buy to repair myself. figured i could sell the tools after. could anyone confirm these are the right tools i need? read through the manual and think i got them all...

  • main drive gear and bearing tool
  • main drive gear seal installer (small)
  • main drive gear seal installer (large)
  • mainshaft race tool
  • shifter shaft seal installer
  • sprocket locking tool
  • sprocket nut socket
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