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Torn seat

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I've got a 13 RG Ultra. I bought the bike last year new off the floor at my local HD shop in Corpus Christi, TX last March and it now has right at 10k miles. About two months ago I started to notice that the seat was starting to tear along the upper seam located at the front of the seat right at the base of the fuel tank. What is happening is the seat is tearing from the sewn thread on the seam. I showed it to the shop supervisor and was told that HD considers this to be normal wear and tear. Well, needless to say it pretty much pissed me off but I kept my cool. I told the guy how would he feel if the seat in his personal vehicle started to tear within a year and a half and less than 10k miles. He had no comment. I then asked if there were any compatible seats taken off of customers who replaced the stock seat with a upgraded version. He said the ones that are taken off are in worse condition than mine. I asked who I could take this problem to and they gave me a manufacturer number to call. It was the wrong number but that number did give me a correct number. Then I was transferred to another department, was put on hold for several minutes, then got disconnected. The call was made yesterday. I have more time today to call back which I will be doing so later.
Has anyone had to deal with a similar problem?
I have been eyeballing the Mustang Super Touring seat. A buddy of mine has one on his RG Ultra. I sat on it and it felt pretty good. I guess I am going to have to make a seat purchase a lot sooner than planned.
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If you don't want to spring for a new seat right now, most local upholstery or seat shops will knock that out for $5 or less. They will also reupholster your entire seat for less than a new seat costs.

Just an alternative. Good luck.

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