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So my brother - or his girlfriend rather - lost the keys for his 85 awhile back. Which left me scouring eBay, while simultaneously hounding the local dealer for a replacement key...using the number on the bottom of the lock. The dealer route managed to take months to finally get right. But a replacement lock assembly with keys from eBay got him back on the road much before then.

And that got me thinking about Alice (my 81) only having one key...

All of the Harley keys listed on eBay (found under PNs: 71536-80 & 71536-82), also list the key number. And this makes it easy to know if they will fit according to the MoCo. However the 3 digit number on the key identifies both the tooth pattern, and the groove width ... And it's the second part that is interesting..

I could not find a key with Alice's numbers, but I did find brand new set of keys with a matching last digit, that appeared to match her key perfectly in the picture. So for $12 I figured - WTF! - I'll give it a shot.

Side by side they were a perfect match, but they would not go in the lock for shit because the groves were spaced differently. But after about 3 minutes with a Dremel to "move" the grooves, the new keys not only fit in the lock, but also - as anticipated - worked perfectly!

So if you find yourself looking for an older (blade style) Harley key, don't get to caught-up in trying to match the exact key number. Because if your tooth pattern matches the picture...there is a good chance it can be made to work by nudging the grooves over a bit to match your lock.
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