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Just switched my Tour Pak hardware over to chrome so the black hardware needs to go. This sale is a package deal for the following items; Black Latch Kit part# 53000130, Black Premium Hinge Kit part# 53000131 and Black Lock Cover part# 53000218. All items were just removed in excellent working order, but remember they are not abused but used. These are for the pre Rushmore paks (2013 and prior). Please check by part #'s first if you have any questions regarding fitment, but 1988-2013 should fit without issue as these items were designed for those years. Original instructions are included for all items. The latch kit will require four new rivets (part# 90965-63) for the latch catches to be installed. My dealer installed these for no charge as it was only a 45 second job and the use of their riveter. The lock cover may require an additional washer for correct latch placement that is not included, but a correctly sized washer from a hardware store or wherever will work without issue and not even be noticed.

$75.00 shipped conus
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