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Hello, I'm thinking about getting a trailer to tow behind the bike on long trips (heading to other coast this summer), I know HD says no, but that's only because they don't make one... I don't have an HD warranty anyway, I've got another company, except for where I purchased the bike I've had to pay them and then get reimbursed. They sold me that warranty because I was going to change things over night.

Anyone have any experience towing with their bikes? How did it hold up, are there things you wish were better?
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The only downside is when I roll up on that hot chick hitchhiking and I don't have room for her, so I have to ditch some gear. At least that's the way it happens in my dreams. :wink:

That's OK, you won't bee needing your clothes then either.......according to your dream.>:)
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Here's a forum that has a lot of info:
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All depends on what you want, a Harbor Freight trailer with a cartop carrier, all the way to a BushTec, N-line, or even one of the
camper trailers. It all depends on what fits your needs.

If you're going solo, I'd say skip it.
If you're riding 2-up and intending to stay in motels, again, skip it. Pack 3-4 days of clothes and rough it.
If you want to camp, do the trailer.
if you're taking your Bulldog along, do the trailer.
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I never pulled a trailer but from what I understand talking to people that did that it is harder on the swingarm bushings.
Also I would think it would be best to upgrade the rear shocks to a heavy duty shock considering the added weight of riding 2 up pulling a loaded trailer is going to put on the bikes suspension.
Personally I would think that if you can get away without pulling a trailer then don't do it. JMO

Actually, if you consider that a trailer allows you to transfer a fair amount of weight out of the tourpak, off the top of the tourpak, and probably even some out of the saddle bags, it's actually easier on the suspension. You'll add the tongue weight to the hitch, but that will be less than what you took off the bike.

I pulled a trailer for a fair number of miles with an 88" Ultra Classic, and a 95" Dyna before that, with no power issues at all. Remember, it wasn't so many years ago that people were towing with 80" EVO motors. Power is not an issue.

Once rolling down the road, unless you're in a really stiff crosswind, you'll honestly never know the trailer is back there. Yes, you have to brake a little sooner, turn a little wider, and ALWAYS remember it's back there, but overall it's nowhere near as dramatic as most people(mostly those who haven't done it at all) make it out to be.
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