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Hello, I'm thinking about getting a trailer to tow behind the bike on long trips (heading to other coast this summer), I know HD says no, but that's only because they don't make one... I don't have an HD warranty anyway, I've got another company, except for where I purchased the bike I've had to pay them and then get reimbursed. They sold me that warranty because I was going to change things over night.

Anyone have any experience towing with their bikes? How did it hold up, are there things you wish were better?
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I have a early '90s Kwick Kamp with a 360 hitch from before they went out of business that is in great shape I pulled behind the '09 RK Classic with 21" apes that I traded in on my current '13 RG Custom. I have a friend that wants it. So I'm selling it to him for 1500. I am currently looking for a more aerodynamic cargo hauler preferably with a fibreglass shell to replace it with. Also looking for the right hitch and isolator set up for this bike. The Kwik Kamp set up has plenty of cargo space, but the pop-up tent is a little on the lacking side when it comes to room. I figure a a cargo hauler will carry a decent sized tent and the other stuff that we need to keep complaints to a minimum for a week on the road.
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