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Im kind of a low budget baller, I saw a post on CL with a guy selling trike wheels, I asked if he would part out the front only for $100.00 and he did.

I like the short fat look of the 16" rim and I want to run a 150/16 up front, so this is how it looks with the OEM 130/16 tire.

unfortuately bad luck for me the donor trike was not ABS so I had to buy new bearings and then double bad for me the friggen stupid &#$% brembo rotors have that "slight" warp. well I have the set on my OEM wheel which are good, so get the jack back out...:(

I just got a new Commander II for the back and plan to run a Commander II rear 150/16 on the front. :eek:

bike is 2011 FLTRU

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