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Hi All,
Is there by chance anyone out here who got the TTS on a European/International CVO and kept the original map as MTE file?

My 2011 FLTRUSE apparently came with an US map on it upon purchase (Dealer did me a favor and thought its a good idea as it runs better.....) and this made me loose the kill function of the kick stand. I thought its due to the TTS, but after some comms with Steve the root cause is the base map as TTS does not address this area of the ECM.

The solution would be to flash the original EU/International map and then re-load the TTS tune again. So if I could get hold of any MTE backup, it would save me the run and costs to the dealer to get the original back for just a few minutes loading it on and off.

Btw - it does not need to be a RG file - any MTE for a 110 CVO Touring should do for being accepted by the ECM.

Thks & greets

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