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Selling the following:

- Figure machine “clear" Air Cleaner. was special ordered as I had even the spacers chromed out. Cost me close to $500, looking for $250 shipped
- *** SOLD *** OEM Ultra stock seat P/N 52164-09A. Looking for $140 shipped
- OEM Ultra CB chrome tank console. looking for $160 shipped, includes Push-Button Fuel Tank Console Door Release (P/N: 53842-00C) and (never used) premium stereo helmet headset 77147-98a
- GADS smoke deflectors. got all three sets..set if you got lowers (GADS 002-$37.95, set if you ride without lowers (GADS 001-$39.95) and fork baffles (GADS LTTD-$19.95). Cost $97.85, looking for $50 shipped for all three sets.

these items came from my 11 RG Ultra. PM me if you are interested.


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