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Upcoming Trip To Las Vegas

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I need some advice from those of you close to Las Vegas. I have a trip coming up at the end of November into the first week of December. Would it be a good or bad idea to plan to rent a bike and do some riding while I am there?
Keep in mind that here in Indiana I don't mind riding in temperatures down around 50 degrees F. I am not too wild about riding in rain at that temp, but from what I know about Vegas, that usually isn't an issue.
So, what do you think, would I be wasting my money?


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Thanks for all the input so far.

I have been to Hoover Dam, but not on a bike. I am spell bound every time I go there. I used to work construction on Power plants, so I know what goes into them. That would have been crazy to have worked on! I have heard/read about those other spots you mention. I think I will have to try and pull this off.
The traffic would have definitely been an issue last year, due to the fact that I hadn't been on a bike for so long. I do feel more confident now though and will not be so intimidated this year.

Thanks again for all the input. I am just hoping some of the Vegas locals will chime in here. I noticed FLTRI, I think it was, had been out of town for a trip, I am hoping that is why he hasn't responded yet.

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I live here. The weather will be chilly, without a doubt. You will have to ask yourself if you want to haul your cold weather stuff out here for your ride.

Many will laugh at "cold" weather in Las Vegas, but let me tell you, the desert wind and cold cuts right through you, same as desert heat scorches you.

That being said, you can count on it being eternally sunny, great roads, and lots to see. Beautiful open highways and two lane roads with all the colors of the desert.

Rent a FL and enjoy the fairing protection. We all ride here all winter, but learn that early morning and late evening you will freeze your butt off.

Rent from Henderson Harley Davidson, nice people.

That is the kind of input I was looking for. Especially the part about which dealer to rent from. I probably would have gone with Las Vegas Harley, had I not gotten this input. I will probably rent a bike for a couple of days and if at all possible it will be a touring bike with a full fairing. Hopefully a roady.

Thanks again,

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