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These rules have been here since the beginning of time. Please read them and abide by them! Newly updated!

1) This forum cannot be used for the sole purpose of posting your items to sell. If you don't participate in the forum, please don't post your items in classifieds. NO COMMERCIAL POSTINGS IN CLASSIFIEDS IS ALLOWED.

2) Please be considerate of the Admins and moderators. This is only a free site because of them.

3) Please be considerate of all members. No body is perfect. We all make mistakes. Do not spam or troll someone else's review of an item. Discussion is encouraged but be nice have respect. Just because you dont like something that they do, dont degrade them for it. Just roll on.

4) Get The Admin's permission before selling anything (other than Classifieds) on this website!

5) Racist remarks are not permitted and will lead to being banned.

6) Be Respectful. Your political views are your own, keep it that way. If you post them here they may be deleted, because we don't
care what you think!

7) No Spamming of other Web sites allowed. You will be banned

8) Please create new threads in the proper subforum. This helps keep things organized and easy to find later.

9) If you have a problem with a vendor, please call and talk to them before posting on this forum. This forum is not meant to be used by you because you are not happy with a product! You should never post your complaints in vendor section. The Vendor Threads section is paid for by the vendor and is meant for their their use and product questions If you must post something negative about a product, please post it in the appropriate
non-commercial thread

BE WARNED -if you post untrue statements online you are opening yourself to slander and libel lawsuits by the company.

10) Road Glide Classifieds
You can place items for sale in Classifieds, but please be cautious when purchasing. We do not guarantee service or items. We advise using for major purchases. Items should be motorcycle related. Read the Classified rules before posting or risk having your threads deleted or being banned. Always use PAY_PAL when Purchasing items, that way you are covered if the item doesn't show up!

11) People disguising themselves as others (trolls) will be banned and their ip addresses will be blacklisted so they cannot join any other forum.

12) If you are an engine builder, bike builder etc, you are welcome to join the forum but if you advertise or sell your products in any way you will be banned!
Only sponsors are allowed to market their services and products. Non-profit activities can check with the admins.

13) Any admin can ban a person at anytime if they deem it necessary to keep order and protect our membership and vendors! Please respect our admins.

Thanks for joining and enjoy the Forum!
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