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Screaming eagle .10 3.875 pistons
Woods 888 cams
Zippers stage 2 heads/milled/upgraded springs
58mm throttle body/upgraded
Zippers Thundermax
S&S lifters
Zippers adjustable pushrods
Screaming eagle camplate/upgaded tensioners and oil pump
.40 cometric head/primary gaskets
Bandit sportsman clutch
CAOS oil cooler
D&D 2into1 header/race baffle
Progressive shocks
Extended 2 into 1 bags/ hogliners w/ fake bottoms
Extended facia
New black paint job
MM651 speakers in lowers/MM 6501 component speakers in fairing
Amp 100watts RMS 4 channel
New handlebar wiring

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Wow. That’s a heck of an upgrade at one time! Enjoy!
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